15 secrets de produits cosmétiques


Every day we use many cosmetic products to take care of your beauty. But we don't always know how to use it. So today, we are going to learn together some tips and tricks for beauty products.


1 A beauty product for a spotless manicure!


To create your own salon at home, it's a secret of beauty products... Apply a little petroleum jelly around the border between your nails and your skin. Wait for your manicure to dry, then wash your hands - any polish that gets on the Vaseline will lift immediately.




2 Which foundation makes me more natural?


There are many cosmetic products, so you have to choose your foundation carefully!

First, you need to decide what type of coverage you want: pure, medium, or full.

Next, decide on the finish: matte, natural or dewy.

anti aging


3 How can I choose between all these cosmetics?


Understanding the type of blush you need can help you get the perfect results for your face with all those cosmetics!!

There are 3 types of blushes:

Powders, creams and stains.

  • Oily skin, a cheek spot works well.
  • Normal or combination skin, creamy formulas are great.
  • For dry skin, use a powder formula .


red lipstick

4 Cosmetic World Whisper!

Alright, yeah, that sounds gross, this is the world of beauty products, but hear me out! Both blotters and toilet seat covers are made from similar materials and will help absorb excess oil on your skin.

So, tap it on your T-zone to decrease excess oil on your face.

5 Resist aging with beauty products!

Your neck ages just as fast as your face, but when applying anti-aging cosmetics or sunscreen, many people stop at the jawline.

Don't neglect the ears and the back of the neck either, which take so much radiation damage, so give your body some love. 

cosmetic formulas


6 Look beautiful with beauty hacks!

Energy, strength, love, boldness... all of these meanings come to mind when you see a woman wearing the color red...

She is the queen of cosmetics.

  • Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips.
  • Try intense shades if you have strong natural coloring, for example, white skin, black hair and blue eyes.
  • Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth.


cosmetic product tricks


7 10 forms for cosmetic products

Basic categories for cosmetic formulas include:

  1. solutions
  2. Creams
  3. lotions
  4. Ointments
  5. pendant lights
  6. Tablets
  7. Powders
  8. Gels
  9. sticks
  10. Aerosols

organic products


8 Never rub beauty products on your skin


Rubbing can easily irritate your skin.

"Always apply cosmetics to the face and neck in gentle upward motions," says Dr. Sejal Shah, a dermatologist surgeon in New York City. Try a lightweight serum that not only absorbs easily into the skin to improve hydration, but also smooths the texture.


9 Cosmetic Products… Please Help!!

What can I do that would make the biggest difference?


A little concealer under the eyes is the easiest way to look more awake and brighter. Sunglasses and bright lips always do the trick.



10 Hey! I can know the differences between natural and organic cosmetics!


  1. Natural skincare products have natural ingredients.
  2. Organic skincare products are subject to stricter standards.
  3. The term "natural" may just be a marketing gimmick.
  4. Natural skincare products do not obey the same guidelines as organic products.
  5. Look for organic logos on organic products.
  6. The terms "vegan" and "cruelty-free" are not synonymous with "natural" or "organic".
  7. Prices for organic skincare products will be higher.



11 GO… We're going to get a beauty secret!

If bags under the eyes are one of your problems,

You are in the right place …

Get a concealer that's a shade lighter than your skin tone and apply it under your eyes.

The trick is to apply the concealer in a triangle shape from the inner corner of the eye outwards, then on the wings of the nose. Shade the outlines. This is how the swollen area will look evenly highlighted and will not attract attention with its volume.


powder foundation

12 Beauty secret: Put too much mascara... but where?!


Using mascara to touch up her lower lashes and accentuate the edge of her eyes can give your look extra expressiveness.

On the other hand, putting too much mascara on your lashes will draw everyone's attention away from the wrinkles around your eyes.


why foundation matters 13 BIZAR ... This is the world of cosmetics.

Say goodbye to dark colors by putting rouge in your cheeks!

WEIRD?! We will see …

Be sure to apply blushes to the upper part of your cheeks, not the middle part.

Highlighting the apples of your cheeks might have been a good idea when you were younger, but - as we become more mature, we have to adapt to the changes our skin goes through.


14 Apply makeup in natural light.


Beauty product uses have many ways… But try to wear makeup in daylight as much as possible. Makeup looks different under different artificial lights. Only in natural light can you understand reality.


15 It's the madness of the beauty world!


Apply nude lipstick to brighten up your eyes!


If you want to highlight your eyes, don't use glossy lipstick. A light lip gloss or a nude lipstick will be the perfect solution.


If you're looking for some easy makeup inspiration, check out our pick of the best makeup looks that are trending this year. Check out our wide variety of cosmetic products for the year of 2021.


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