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black skin Can dark skin tan?

How not to tan black skin?

How to get a good tan?

Can African American skin be spray tanned?

What are the benefits of tanning for black skin?

How to get a fake tan?

Many people wonder if black people benefit from tanning! Yes, of course they benefit, but it's not about looking darker, it's about glowing.

Benefits of tanning on black skin

Sun tanning

Usually, we go to the beach to have a good sunbath while having a quiet time enjoying the sun with our families and friends, but have you ever wondered what the benefits are? What are the health benefits associated with the beach? What are the health benefits of the sun?


The benefits of black people tanning are the same as for blond people:

1. Essential Source of Vitamin D

The sun is the best way to naturally get the vitamin D you need. So a brief sunbath can provide your body with all the vitamin D it needs for the day, but it differs from skin to skin, so for a dark-skinned person, a few hours is enough.

take sunbath

2. Say goodbye to insomnia

Do you suffer from insomnia? your eyes are always open at night, after this article you will have a good sleep!

Many studies have shown that the sun can be the solution to this problem, it can give you enough energy during the day to make you sleep well at night. thanks to the hormone melatonin, a hormone that organizes your sleep. And when you wake up, you'll feel great and active.

3. Improve blood circulation

Ultraviolet rays reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation. However, since it only takes 15 minutes, your body produces more white and red blood cells, which improves and strengthens your immunity.

4. A little sun, perfect skin                                                    

It was usually thought that the sun could damage our skin, but the surprise here is that it may be some kind of medicine. So I think you have to catch some rays to enjoy the benefits of the sun.

black and mixed skin

Before getting that alluring color, there are a few things you need to keep in mind that will help turn your body into a paint job.


Tips for a perfect tan for black skin

1. Always be protected.

Dark skin should also be protected from the sun, so the ideal is to renew the application of sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours.

2. Exfoliate before tanning to last longer

Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells, revealing the fresh skin underneath. After that, the skin will be completely ready to absorb the new color, regardless of the chosen tanning mode.

dark skin

3. Moisturize before and after tanning

Dark skins are more resistant to the sun, but they also need deep hydration

So don't forget to hydrate yourself the day before your sunbathing and after your return too! But to kill two birds with one stone, you can use a moisturizing sunscreen.

4. Make your dark skin feel the caress of the sun

The most annoying thing after tanning is having different colors on your body, so turn around every 15 or 30 minutes to make sure the UV rays reach all parts of your body.

5. Don't ignore your shower

you have already put too many products on your body, so you need to remove those oils, creams and salt to get a fresh and smooth feeling, and to make your dark skin more and more radiant.

UV rays

Darker skin tones can be beautifully highlighted with a touch of faux tan.

Many dark-skinned African-American celebrities like Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, and Gabrielle Union regularly visit spray tan salons to enhance their dark beauty.

Different ways to tan black skin

Trick #1 Seawater tanning

the best way to get a tan is in the sun and sea salt is great for attracting sunlight to your skin.

Tip #2 Tanning with reflection of sunlight

It is natural for water to reflect sunlight, there is an effective way to attract the sun's reflection from water to you, which is to lie on or in water to achieve the perfect glow on your dark skin.

UV rays Tip #3 Carrot oil tan

The golden brown color is a wonderful look for people with brown skin, and carrot oil is one of the most effective products for achieving a deeper, darker tan.

Tip #4 fake tan

This is the easiest way to get a fake tan fast. Apply a tinted oil, spray or lotion that gives you a darker undertone.

So, there are some frequently asked questions about dark skin, some of them will be answered in this article, keep reading…

Frequently asked questions about black and mixed skin:

black and mixed skin Don't black and mixed skin types need sun protection?

No it is wrong !

Black and mixed skin types are naturally more resistant to the sun, it's true, but that has nothing to do with sunscreen. In addition, studies have shown that sunscreen is not related to the color of the skin, but that it serves to protect it. It protects the skin against sunburn and skin cancer.

Black and mixed skin types don't get sunburned?

Uhmmm, maybe!

Thanks to their richness in melanin, they are less likely to get sunburn. Its purpose is to block the harmful effects of UV rays.


black skin Does sunscreen prevent tanning?

No not at all !

There are two types of UV rays that affect the skin.

UVA rays cause premature aging and wrinkles.

UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn.

So there is no sunscreen that totally blocks UV rays, it only protects your skin against sun damage.

What are the best hours for sunbathing?

black and mixed skin

Between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., the sun is very harmful and powerful, so try to avoid this period. so, the best time for sunbathing is around 8am to 11am.

So, YES , black people tan.

Many people around the world wonder, if women have black skin, why do they go for a tan?

In fact, tanning is very beneficial for black skin. It hides skin imperfections, eliminates strawberry skin and dead cells... tanning makes black and mixed-race skin more beautiful, more radiant and more attractive.

So if you're heading to the beach soon, try GT 's products , we've got the perfect range of sunscreens, moisturizers and tanning lotions!

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