Problèmes des bouclées sont confrontées et leurs solutions!

Having naturally curly hair isn't easy, is it? We know it, you know it, people who don't read know it, but what else is new?

The problems that naturally curly people have are not as well known as its difficulty, but if you have curly hair, then you are already in touch with the problems that we are going to mention.

But do not worry ! We have prepared the solutions for you so you don't have to look elsewhere. Here's what you need: a pen and paper, and your eyes open!

A little too dry


There are too many reasons for dry hair: genetics, chemicals, hair dryers, hair heat treatment, or even swimming because chlorine does a lot of damage. While dry hair can ruin your hairstyles, dealing with them is quite easy and straightforward!

The solution:

Use shampoos/conditioners with moisturizing agents and eat foods high in omega-3s.

Too many tangles

Chemical processes can severely damage the hair, including the cuticle, and as a result hair strands can become excessively tangled.


The damage is already done, but don't make it worse by combing it hard... Instead, use extra conditioner while combing your hair so you don't have to use force with it.

Not the right length

You hear a lot of people complain that their curly hair is too short or never grows to the desired length. This is quite common among naturally curly people, as curly hair tends to break more than straight or wavy hair. However, we have you covered.

curly The solution:

Split ends should end, it's as simple as that. It is partly because of them that your hair breaks too soon. You can cut them before they do it on their own to have more control over the hair growth cycle. If you are wondering about the frequency, a cut of a few centimeters every two months will be very sufficient.

Curly indomitable

It is true that frizz is not exclusive to curly hair, but curly people are more susceptible to it. That's why we claim it.

The solution:

The healthier your hair, the less frizzy it can be. However, when you embark on the quest for healthy hair, be sure to use anti-frizz to lessen the look.

Volume out of range

Someone with straight hair might never think of volume as a problem, but someone with curly hair knows that something as small as too much volume can make life more difficult.

Workaround :

This one has a simple solution: Experiment with the haircut to find out which cut suits your volume.

triangle hair


The name of this number is unfamiliar, but you know you have experienced this once before.

This is when your hair straightens a bit from the top starting at the root and it starts to curl downwards. Your hair then takes the formidable shape of a triangle.


Mousse for the hair. Just put a little mousse on your hair to fix this problem. To do this, add a little mousse to your curls before diffusing them.



All curly models seem to have a big bed of thick hair, but what about those of us who occasionally suffer from thinning hair?

Thinning can have many origins, although they are valid and every human can review them; it does not change the fact that it alters the appearance of our hair and can affect how a person perceives their image.

The reasons can be one of the following: genetics, nutritional deficiency, stress, diet, illness, or anything else.


First, get the panic out of your schedule. Avoid hairstyles that stress your hair follicles: high hairstyles, ponytails and top buns.

Broadcaster dependent


While everyone uses diffusers, naturally curly people depend on them every day. If you think you can wait for your hair to dry on its own to start your day, then you'll start it before midnight because curly hair takes longer to dry at normal room temperature.


Have you had a slumber party in a place where there is no diffuser handy? There are many new "creative" ways to replace a diffuser, such as using a colander for example. Yes, this is the kitchen strainer. Although we don't recommend it, it appeals to many people, who say it does almost exactly the same job.

The next logical solution is to go back to basics: Any hair dryer will do!

Can't get bangs


Curls are a hairstyle in their own right, we know that, however, sometimes a change of style is necessary. Like, say... bangs! It doesn't work well with loops. However, the hair products and accessories hardly left any traces. Below is a solution to get bangs without sacrificing your curls!


There are now hairpieces that have bangs attached, not the solution you've been waiting for, but a small extension that can be used as easily as a bobby pin: the best option to get the perfect bangs effortlessly.


Schedule a wash

Do you wash your hair every day? Do you wash them every three days? When you need to wash your curly hair can be a hassle, it almost takes a business-level schedule! You hear people say that washing them every day leads to thinning, then you hear that delaying them for a day leads to grease build-up...and the window for perfect curls is a small window between "just washed" and "they've needed a refresh too long."

curly Solution:

Plan your week in advance. If there is an important day in your calendar, be sure to plan your hair washing around that day, otherwise, three to four times a week will be fine.

If you have naturally curly hair and haven't made the transition to heatless curls yet, we know what you're up against. You're going to have to try as many curly hair routines and products as possible to find the one that will fit your hair like a key to their lock!

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