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Even though you've been told that foundation is an essential step in your face makeup, sometimes you want to skip it for whatever reason: Lazy in the morning, it ran out, so you're thinking about how important it is, you already take care of your skin and it looks great, so maybe there's no need to cover it?

Because it is common knowledge that it is important, but the reasons behind it are not so well known; we've rounded up 5 reasons why foundation matters, so you don't have to think back.

Plus, a lot of people of color skip this step completely, and while there aren't many foundation tones for darker skin tones, it's worth the search. Here are the reasons:

Long term effect face makeup

Although you can look great without any foundation, it won't last. Your skin has its natural oils which, after a while or if you put in the effort, won't look very good with your makeup, and as a result, it will start to discolor, turn to paste or look a bit muddy.

With the right foundation for your skin tone, your face will stay as fresh as it was when you first put makeup on, it's just a matter of finding the right skin type for you.

Not just cosmetic

It may not have crossed your mind, but foundation isn't just cosmetic anymore. They have more benefits than just covering your face and wrinkles since they now includemoisturizers , BB cream or even sunscreen.

Hide the imperfections

A tired/pale face, skin pores, acne, redness, scarring and pigmentation are all imperfections you may want to hide for your face makeup, whether daily or occasional. Flawless-looking skin starts by hiding those little details with the foundation that best suits your skin tone.

Just like the canvas

Think of foundation as the canvas of your face makeup routine! We've already mentioned that it can help your makeup last longer, so you don't have to reapply it every two hours, but did you also know that it can help your makeup stand out?

It shows every detail you put on, from blushes and highlighters to concealers. This helps them unroll smoothly and allows YOU to get the most out of all the other products.

Even out your skin tone

The most obvious, but still necessary! Let's say you have an event you're going to attend soon and you have your whole outfit ready for pictures, you've thought about every detail of the day and even your poses, why ruin that with pictures of different skin tones? One of your priorities is to make sure your foundation matches your skin tone, this is the key to a good photoshoot.

You can check out our website to find great foundations for every skin type.

Foundation textures

liquid foundation Now that we've agreed on why it's important, let's dig a little deeper.

If you've tried putting on foundation with your makeup, but had no luck with how it ended up looking, whether it looked cakey, powdery, or just plain bad, then there was a reason for it, maybe the wrong product or application technique.

In the end you were not satisfied with your experience and left you dissatisfied with the whole thing. Maybe it was just a bad photo, but that's beyond our control. But we can help explain one of the reasons a lot of girls end up with bad foundations, which is...drum roll... Foundation textures!

Foundations have types, shades, brands and textures. But since the first three we mentioned are pretty self-explanatory, we'll get into the details of the textures!

What are the main foundation textures?

The most popular foundation textures are liquid, powder, and mousse. There are others, but since they aren't as popular or common, we'll get you started with the basics of the three we've mentioned. You will find them explained below:

face makeup liquid foundation

For who ?

Everyone, and we literally mean everyone. All you need to know before buying a liquid foundation is to know your skin type and that's it, you will easily choose which liquid foundation from the wide palette of colors and brands.

Why get it in liquid form?

If you know foundation packaging, you know the products that specify the skin type it's best suited for. Liquid foundations may also contain moisturizing agents, so keep that in mind depending on your skincare needs.

Foundation Powder

For who ?

People with light hands and moderately oily faces. Once again, light hands!

For what ?

Powder foundation can quickly look muddy if your face is too oily, and can look too dusty if your face is too dry...which causes it to settle into your skin lines. Let's just say that's not a good look.

If you can be quite clumsy and generous in powder application, then steer clear of powder foundation, as it requires proper light pressing and blending. But if it increases, it can spread to the side and become dirty.

Foam Foundation

For who ?


Mousse foundation is ideal for people with oily and combination skin. Not so much for people with dry skin.

For what ?

The mousse foundation gives long-lasting light to medium matte coverage. In addition, its texture is very airy and very pleasant to the touch, and it is very easy to apply, either by hand or with a brush. But if a person's skin is too dry, it can be difficult to apply their water-based texture.

If you haven't had foundation in your face makeup routine yet, or haven't found the right shade for your skin tone, be sure to check out our huge selection of foundations that will not only match your skin tone as if it were your own skin, but will nourish and protect it.


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