perfumes Perfumery in Europe in Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, rose water flowed from fountains befitting the splendor and grandeur of the empire, and it was the Greeks who worked in perfumery who applied it to the skin, grinding aromatic plants and herbs, and mixing them with oils.

In fact, perfumes were a sign of wealth and power, and in the 17th century in France, the court of King Louis XIV was sprayed with a different perfume every day according to his orders, and the perfumes changed a little due to the change of sources of certain ingredients that require killing endangered animals.

How does your scent affect your mood?

perfumery Have you ever walked into a perfumery and immediately breathed in the diverse and chosen scent that suits your mood?

Indeed, the sense of smell is the only sense that has a direct link with the brain. Since our memories and emotions are stored in this same part of the brain, there is a fine thread between them.

There is always a scent attached to the memory of something good or bad, because at that moment when you inhale a scent, it reminds you of all the events and memories related to it. You are likely to always enter into memory or a passion for what you love, which ultimately has the power to change your mood.

How to choose a perfume that has a positive effect on your mood?

My number one tip when buying a perfume to change the mood is: Do not focus on the scent itself, but on the emotions you feel when you incline it.

Do you want to feel calm and relaxed?

perfumery in europe

You should try chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, and jasmine-based scents if you want calm and relaxation. For your personal happiness, you can visit the perfumery and get a selection of those oils and beauty products that help you relax.

Do you want to feel energized and happy?

You should try products that smell like lemon, ginger, or mint.

Know your favorite season to choose your perfume

In order to choose a perfume according to the seasons, it may first be interesting to identify your favorite season and find out why you like it more than the others. This provides very interesting information about his tastes in perfumery.

First of all, it is important to know that each woman or man cannot belong to a single category, and can obviously have several facets to their personality. The categories explained below provide general guidelines.

on the skin

If you want to attract the attention of those around you, choose your perfumes carefully according to the season in which you wear them.

It is the same idea whether you choose your summer or winter clothes, for example, choosing a perfume more suitable for a hot summer day will taste more lively and active and in spring you will resort to pink or sweet perfume.

If you have a personal favorite for each season, it will demonstrate both sophistication and distinction.

Here are some of my tips for choosing fragrances for the four seasons:



Spring is all about freshness, happiness and prosperity, it's a time when the temperature is moderate. Here's an opportunity to add your own flavor and enhance that perfect scent feeling!
Scents that go well with spring are pure, light and fresh like mint, rose, etc.
Here are our Here are our picks for spring from the most renowned perfumery in Europe


Summer is the season of heat, vacations and travels, sea time, beaches and long hot nights. So choose the freshest scents for the best contrast with the warm weather. This is the time to use summer perfumes sparingly because their scent is enhanced by high temperatures. Yes, it's time for perfumes of rose, jasmine, orange blossom, etc.

Here are our Here are our picks for The Summer of Europe's Most Renowned Perfumery


perfumery With the onset of autumn, the temperatures begin to drop and we begin to breathe again, autumn brings with it the calm we need. It is the best season for a walk in the park when you can enjoy the fallen leaves, which make the best fragrance companion for men and women in this season. But the autumn mood is completely different from the previous two seasons, because it needs warmer scents, like sandalwood, amber, etc.

Here are our fall picks from Europe's most renowned perfumery


Whether you like winter or not, know that winter is the favorite season for perfumes... Why?

Because the winter cold gives all subtle observations the time they need to fully express themselves. On the other hand, the lack of color and movement that characterizes this season makes the perfumes get the place they deserve, and here we go to the wonderful, strong and warm oriental scents. The best scents for winter scents are vanilla, cinnamon, and frankincense.

Here are our picks for the winter of the most famous perfumery in Europe:

Bring the Heat

perfumery in europe How do women react to men's scent?

Ask any woman about her most desirable trait in a man. She could say a kind heart, a charming smile or even a beautiful appearance. But if she digs deeper into her mind, you'll find that the man's scent makes them weak in front of them!

It has been scientifically proven that a man's scent plays an important role in a woman's choices for her partner.

What causes immediate attraction between a man and a woman?

perfumes According to a group of perfumeries in Europe, the man sees, but the woman smells.

It's not really surprising, because men are naturally attracted to women's appearance. However, women rank male body odor as the most important when choosing a potential mate.

There are the most attractive perfumes for women which are strong perfumes with a strong fragrance, so I advise you always to make sure to buy a set of strong perfumes to easily attract women's hearts.

So, do you have your favorite scent for each season? Come on sweetie and get Get them here !


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