Astuces de maquillage pour la peau noire

makeup tips for black skin

Every person has a different skin color and looks different, and the makeup world varies depending on each skin type and color. White skin has its own makeup, blonde skin has its own technique, and black skin has another style. And our topic today will be makeup tips for black skin. Here are some makeup tips for black skin…

“As a black woman, I often felt like I was being judged based on my gender and race, and I always knew that shouldn't bother me.”

-Halle Berry-

Essential makeup tips for black skin

Makeup tips

From foundation to lipstick, we'll know how to apply makeup professionally for an elegant and attractive appearance.

#1 Foundation

  • Use the right foundation for your skin type

  • First you need to determine your skin type, whether oily, dry or combination.

    • Oily skin: Your choice will be an oil-free matte foundation.
    • Dry skin: Your choice will be a creamy foundation.
    • Combination skin: your choice will be a balanced foundation.

  • Adapt the foundation to the undertones of your skin

  • The basic skin tone is divided into three categories: cool, warm or neutral. You must therefore choose your foundation according to the same category as the undertone of your skin.

  • black women Discover the ideal color of your foundation

  • Dark-skinned women find it difficult to choose the right foundation, if you suffer from this, mix several different colors to match your skin tone.

  • Apply with a foundation brush

  • Apply the foundation to your face in large strokes. Then, starting from the middle of the face and working outward, blend the product into your skin using circular motions with a foundation brush.

    #2 Eye Shadows

  • Choose bright colors

  • Dark skin is bold because dark skinned girls can wear very bright colors on their eyes and look alluring.

  • mix colors

  • The combination of colors creates a very bold and deep look.

  • Try neutral colors for a subtle look
  • makeup advice

    Avoid white, as it can make dark skin look dry or ashy.

  • Finish the look with eyeliner and mascara

  • Eyeliner defines the eyes, makes them look wider and creates a dramatic look. Black-skinned people also use black and brown eyeliners for a natural look.

    #3 Blush

  • Tip for dark-skinned women

  • You can use the bronzer as a blush...yes, it's a great tip for dark skinned people as it highlights the cheekbones and gives a great look.

  • makeup advice Use a shiny blush

  • Black skins have the particularity of being very beautiful in bright colors. Always choose pink colors to get a harmonious face... Try it, you won't regret it.

  • Control the appearance of your face

    • Round face : apply on the cheekbones and extend to the temples.
    • Heart Shaped Face : Apply under the apple of your cheeks and pull through your hairline.
    • Elongated face : Apply it under the apple, but do not extend it to the hairline.

    #4 Lipstick

    makeup tips for black skin

  • Wear bright colors.

  • Bright, bold colors like red and orange are best for black women. This really sets them apart and makes them more attractive.

  • The magic of lip gloss.

  • Placing the lip gloss on your favorite color will complete the glamorous look. It's a wonderful touch. I would like to tell you, my dear, that the best lip gloss is undoubtedly coconut oil. It gives you hydration and a healthy and beautiful appearance.

    On rest day, take some time for yourself and try these tips and you'll see the difference for yourself.

    5 makeup tips for black skin

    makeup tips for black skin

    1.Never neglect hydration

    The secret to successful makeup, whatever your skin type, is to put a light moisturizer on the skin before the foundation. This will give you more stability for a more natural look and makeup.

    2. Don't neglect your skin's inflammation

    Never put makeup on inflamed skin, whether from breakouts or pimples, as makeup will increase inflammation and irritation. You must therefore first treat it, then choose a foundation suitable for your skin type.

    3. Don't forget the eyeshadow base

    In order to achieve a stable and shiny looking eyeshadow, first apply the white eyeshadow base.

    black skin 4. Avoid greasy powders and blushes

    If you have oily skin, you should avoid powders that contain shine or oils, as this type of powder will add more shine to your face and bring out the shiny side.

    5. Don't forget the bronzer

    The bronzer has a magical and seductive effect on black skin, it gives it a sexy appearance and wonderfully highlights the bones of the face.

    “Being a black woman is more than a chance, it's a privilege!”

    - Jeah -

    The 10 best products for black skin

    makeup tips for black skin

    I will now list the best products for black skin to help you apply the previous steps.

    1. Black Opal Mosaic Pressed Powder
    2. Black Opal Stick Foundation: Beautiful Bronze
    3. Black Opal Flawless Skin Concealer Toast
    5. BLACK OPAL AND Flewless Liquid Skin Makeup NUTMEG
    6. Iman Luxury Blushing Powder Sunlit Copper
    7. Island Beauty Sheer Pink Lipstick
    8. Island Beauty Popy Red Lipstick
    9. Iman Luxury Lip Shimmer Blush Nude
    10. MAC Superglass Super-Flash

    My dear, you will find all these wonderful products with us, try them and you will never regret it.

    makeup tips for black skin

    I consider this dark skin to contain unparalleled supernatural strength, very attractive and beautiful. Even austere colors suit this skin and make it look like a large painting. Now that you know how to choose your makeup, go try these tips and colors and get a unique look you'll love!

    Besides, in your spare time, you can read an article that contains the secret of African women's beauty, don't miss it!

    Today the black woman speaks of feminism, has she forgotten her culture?


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